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R32 Bagged & Turbo'd
29000 Miles
Build thread can be found by clicking here...<br /><br />Engine:<br /><br />HPA FT450 Turbo Kit<br />HGP GT30 Garret Ball Bearing based hybrid turbo with uprated Steel bearings, Steel cage, and Billet heatsheild.<br />Custom exhaust housing with integrated wastegate<br />Flowbenched Cast Exhaust manifold with external oxygen sensors<br />Custom Stainless Steel Heat Shield <br />Short runner cast intake manifold<br />Head Spacer Plate lowering compression to (8.5:1)<br />Custom 70mm down pipe <br />Uprated Injectors<br />HPA side mount competition intercoolers feature 60% larger cores and lightweight aluminium end tanks for more efficient cooling, both fitted with aluminium velocity air shrouds<br />Custom Silicone Hoses, Piping, Stainless steel oil lines & brackets<br />High flow fuel pump x 2<br />Race grade con rod bearings<br />HGP software mapping<br />VF Engine Mounts<br /><br />Transmission & Suspension:<br /><br />Sachs Racing Clutch + Lightened & Balanced Single Mass Flywheel <br />Uprated Blue Haldex Controller<br />Lengthened 02M Gear Set<br />HPA Dog bone Mount<br />HPA Short Shifter<br />2x120mm 100 Cell Sport Cats<br />3" Custom Exhaust System (Non-Res) with Dual Bypass Pipes/Valves<br />Forge Tie Arms<br />Neuspeed ARB's 25mm/22mm<br />Unibrace<br /><br />Custom Air Ride Setup Including:<br /><br />AccuAir e-level management<br />AirLift XL <br />Dual Viair 480cc Compressors<br />eXo Mounting System<br />5 Gallon Tank<br />Floating Tank Setup<br />Hardline Install in Aluminium<br /><br />Wheels & Brakes:<br /><br />ECS Stage 5 Big Brake Kit (Porsche Cayenne 6 piston calipers, Blue - ECS 2 Piece floating design disc 355mm)<br />Mintex Pads<br />H&R 10mm Spacers (front) 15mm (rear)<br /><br />Engine dressing:<br /><br />Neuspeed Polished Strut Brace<br />Super Mirror Black Cam Cover<br />Billet Parts: Strut Caps with R logo, Oil, Coolant, Washer bottle, Power steering, Dipstick<br />Colour Coded Battery Box<br />Braided Fuel Lines<br /><br />Interior:<br /><br />NewSouth Dual Column Pod<br />NewSouth Indigo Turbo Boost Gauge<br />NewSouth Indigo Oil Pressure Gauge<br />W8 Interior Light with Ambient LED's<br />Leather Armrest<br />HKS Turbo Timer<br />Boost switch for full disengagement of ESP System<br />Door Alarm - Blue LED<br />Brushed Aluminium Headlight Switch<br />Boot and Rear Bench Soundproofed with Skinz<br /><br />Exterior:<br /><br />Cupra LCR Splitter - Colour Coded<br />Smoked Side Repeaters<br />Lower Front Vented Grills<br />Tinted Windows<br />LED number plate lights<br />Chassis Notch <br />Arches Rolled/Pulled



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Love the number plate <img src='http://www.r32oc.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' /> would you sell for the right price?

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Sorry, the plate belongs with the car <img src='http://www.r32oc.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':p' />