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  1. In Car Entertainment
    Hello everyone, I hope we’re all safe in this heatwave! I’ve just had an eye (wallet) opening experience at the stealers…I took my mk5 golf in to get the sunroof drains fixed, which they are! So far so good… However, when I got the car back the radio initially asked for my code and now won’t...
  2. Sold Items
    SOLD to M7NUP CTEK MXS 3.8 Battery Charger, brand new and unused latest model in original unopened packaging. Brand new CTEK Bumper also included to protect the charger. £39 plus £7 carriage by Royal Mail Special Delivery service. No Offers please. Payment by Paypal (Fees to be paid by...
  3. Performance and Technical
    Evening Guys, Question about my sisters MK5 Golf Match. Back in April 2011, sisters car had trouble starting. Called out RAC, patrolman diagnosed the battery being knackered. she purchased a Bosch S4 battery from the patrolman and he fitted it. Problem sorted. Fast forward to present day - car...
  4. Performance and Technical
    Hi guys and girls I know this may seem like a silly question but is there any side effects to leaving the battery out for long periods i.e 2 weeks? Just i have taken it out to give it a full charge (alarm ran it down after not driving it) and i am away on holiday over the christmas period. I...
  5. General Chat
    Hi all, I've just had a replacement battery delivered for the R, is there anything I need to know about fitting it (security / immobiliser and so on) before I jump in and swap them over, or is it a pretty straightforward process? Thanks!
  6. Performance and Technical
    I'm thinking of setting up a solar trickle charging system in my garage for the .:R I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendation and info for good panels and whatever else I need and how to get it all installed etc. The situation: My garage has no mains power directly in it, and it will be...
1-7 of 7 Results