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  1. Performance and Technical
    so, front discs on the golf are deteriorating and only got worse over the winter months, and pads aren't far behind. after pricing the discs up from VW i was nearly sick so decided i may have a look into other means of setups. seen a few people running porsche callipers? which i wouldn't mind...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Well here it is, my 996t (and rear) caliper fitting thread. It's been a long haul, well almost 6 months but finally she is back on the road and MOTd and everything is right in the world again. So to start here is a pic of the offending originals after I had removed them. They were in a very bad...
  3. Performance and Technical
    I have just noticed that my 3rd brake light is constantly on on the ends when the lights are on, when i turn the lights off the brake light goes off What could this be? I have LED m3 style lights on and i have fitted resistors into the indicators to stop them flashing fast, and they already...
  4. Performance and Technical
    Hi guys, does anyone know what should be the ideal brake pressure reading in VCDS for mk4 R32, my brake pressure sensor is currently reading 15.91 bar of pressure when brake pedal is pressed, the reason for asking is I feel my brakes arent biting as has hard as they should be and possibly my...
  5. For Sale
    Hi all, Have a brand new set of HEL braided brake lines in blue. Bought these with my mk4 but probably won't get around to fitting them. Looks like they cost £70 new. £40 posted or collected from Cheshunt in Hertfordshire
  6. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    Hi People, just wondering if anyone has brought these brake calipers for a MK4 Golf R32 and would recommend them? Thanks! http://www.awesomegti.com/car/vw/golfmk4/ecs-stage-2-big-brake-kit-porsche-boxster-calipers-312mm-one-piece-discs-golf-mk4-etc
1-6 of 6 Results