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  1. Vehicles for Sale
    Looking to buy a Mk4 R32 3dr, DBP colour. Anything under 90k miles considered Preferable Sunroof If you know anybody selling feel free to let me know! Thanks!
  2. Wanted
    Looking to buy a Mk4 R32 3dr, DBP colour. Anything under 90k miles considered Preferable Sunroof If you know anybody selling feel free to let me know! Thanks!
  3. Wanted
    Looking for a driver side stubby mirror unit in DPB and the front wing, if in other colours i may still be interested, drop me a pm.
  4. Spotted
    1pm Richmond Hill
  5. Vehicles for Sale
    Good afternoon, I have been checking this website daily for a Mk4 R32 as i will be purchasing one in the next 2-3 weeks, But i thought making a post would be far easier to monitor. I am a Mk4 enthusiast and feel this is the best place to find one that is looked after and not an Ebay special...
  6. Members Rides
    Hello, Thought to show my car now I started to work on it after 2 years of owning it It was always one off my dreamcars since I saw this specific car for the first time so all I got to do was getting the owner crazy enough to sell it to me It has barely 17.000 Miles on it so I don't wan't to...
  7. Wanted
    Hi All, I'm ideally looking for a Mk4 3dr R preferably DBP or Moonlight (although not holding my breath..) and looking for the light grey interior as its the nicest IMO. Would consider and half black interior too though. Would also consider black car but not my first choice. Must have: Full...
  8. Vehicles for Sale
    For Sale is my 2008 DBP MkV R32. The reason for selling the car is due to looming parenthood and the golf unfortunately isn't practical. I've owned the car for 2 years and in that time it hasn't skipped a beat apart from the flexi failing on the cat (a comment problem & hence the exhaust). It...
  9. Wanted
    Hi everyone, Looking for a DBP mk4 r32 the lower the miles and the closed to east midlands (beeston,nottingham) the better. As a preference would be great if Miltek exhaust has been done but not essential. Feel free to PM me regarding any for sale. Thanks
  10. MK5 R32 DSG - Blue

    MK5 Golf R32 DSG. 60K miles. Brand new DSG gear box. Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres (run flats). Stock.
  11. Vehicles for Sale
    For sale: MK5 R32 Volkswagen Golf in Deep Blue Pearl I have for sale my R32 which I have owned since 02/11/2013. The car has been absolutely fantastic, it has never let me down, both in terms of driving pleasure and reliability. The only reason I am selling is because I need to satisfy my itch...
  12. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Hi all, I've recently joined the forum after purchasing my first mk4 R32. I've wanted one of these cars for around 3 years and the opportunity finally came up. After owning a 2.0L Mk4 and a 1.8T Mk4 I just knew that I had to have one and I'm glad to say that I finally own one of these cars. It...
  13. Vehicles for Sale
    This R32 has been with me for the past 5 years. The condition of the car is immaculate and I have spared no expense on modifications or parts for this car. Every part listed is in brand new condition or like new with the exception of the turbo (factory refurbished from Precision). The engine is...
  14. Sold Items
    Hey Guys & Girls, It's come to the point where I need to look at purchasing a more economical vehicle as my 120 mile round trip 2 times a week is becoming a bit of a money pit. It's a sad day but a house seems more of a priority now, albeit, the search for this car took me over 4 months as many...
  15. Sold Items
    After finally being able to own a DBP Golf R32 early last year it is now time for it to to to a new owner. Since this car was first released I had to own one but couldnt due to being a young driver (insurance/price etc). This is a brilliant car and anyone who has driven one knows what a...
  16. Photo's and Video's
    Cupra splitter 12mm spacers Neuspeed lowering springs Black R caps Classy R32OC rear window stickers Longlife custom exhaust
1-20 of 42 Results