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  1. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi Guys, Im new to this forum as I've just bought one of my dream cars (MK5 R32). I live in Watford, Hertfordshire and was wondering where the closest car meets for me are? I know there are ones at santapod which I have been to before. Any Help that would be great! Thanks Tom
  2. Shows, Events and Meets
    Howdy guys, Alive and Vdubbin - 11th/12th June - Group parking in show and shine. 9am Jimmys Farm Suffolk Cars on the Green - 19th June - Club Stand space for 10 cars - Spaces going fast . if you are keen on any of the above then please do not hesitate to contact me. Joe
  3. Shows, Events and Meets
    hi guys, been given the chance to have 10 cars on show on the Juicy Details stand. this will be £50 - includes car and one person to the show and a cleaning kit from JD. the products alone are worth £70 £5 per person extra to enter the show, it really is an up and coming show on the VAG...
  4. Shows, Events and Meets
    Its a massive FREE Charity show, with the big boys and so many owners clubs. Audi Volkswagen BMW and a few others have their massive trade stands with the new summer models along with the Owners Clubs from Teenagers to OAPS, its a great day out in a lovely setting.... Lets make it big?? 19TH...
  5. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hullo guys, Usual Monthly Meet - Last Sunday of EVERY Month. Stonham Barns - IP14 6AT - 11AM Having a drive out to the coast this month so will be leaving Stonham at 12 MIDDAY to them drive up to Felixstowe More the Merrier!
  6. Shows, Events and Meets
    Morning, good turn out yesterday, lets work on next month for a few more!! Hopefully all the garaged ones will be out by then??? Date: April 24th 2016 (the last Sunday of every month) Time: 11am Location: Stonham Barns - Pettaugh Road, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk IP14 6AT - Cofffee Shop and...
  7. Shows, Events and Meets
    Ladies and Gents, R32 Owners Club Monthly Meet. East Anglia. Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, London? Feb was a good turnout considering the freezing weather!! Few hard cores! Want to make it something this year, get the numbers. Was really good to get together last month. This...
  8. Shows, Events and Meets
    Morning Ladies and and Gents, So, lets try and get some good numbers to this, yes its only a get together however i think thats what being part of a club is about surely? to enjoy the same things? no its not a chav meet in mcdonalds, just to put it out there for the haters on this site. its for...
  9. Shows, Events and Meets
    OK Ladies and Gents, from the thread on here before and gauging interest on the dates location etc i have come up with the following - Date: 7/02/16 Location - Address: Stonham Barns, Suffolk Leisure, Pettaugh Rd, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 6AT - it is a park with a restaurant and cafe with...
  10. Shows, Events and Meets
    Afternoon, long time no speak, i hope you are all well? our region is a let down with meets and is such a shame, we need to get back to where we had 20 odd cars on the coast for a cruise and fish a chips!! Want to get to this this year!! i know the same people will say yes, but i know there...
  11. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hey Guys, Anyone fancy getting together for a greasy fry up and a meet one Sunday Morning? There is a 24 hour roadside cafe with plenty of parking just off Junction 24 M1. It's on the link road between the main roundabout and the Donington services. I can post more details if there is any...
  12. Shows, Events and Meets
    Ok, lets all try and make this one, the east meets have died down mainly due to people selling up i guess? however lets try and make this one a good one. Have had a few interested from the MK5OC so lets see what interest if any is on here? Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, Essex..... All info is...
  13. Shows, Events and Meets
    Its the yorkshire modified car show on sunday, anyone from here going?
  14. Shows, Events and Meets
    Good morning. Let's see what's the interest is.... A few of us made it last year very good show and was very hot Anybody from a14 up to Ipswich fancy a convoy.....
  15. Shows, Events and Meets
    Morning Guys, Hope all is well??? Anyone attending?? is quite a good show for a small one!
  16. Shows, Events and Meets
    Right, Wednesday - Night 20th May - Snetterton Circuit Norwich Norfolk NR16 2JU Owners Meeting - Sunday/Monday of the BH Weekend at Wells next to the Sea. Let me know availability on either of the days. Alive & V-Dubbin 12-14 July - Ipswich - camping available or 1 day cruise up there few of...
  17. Shows, Events and Meets
    Good morning. It's been far to long. I know a few have sold up so who's left? With the weather getting better I suggest we have one. I'm willing to travel now. I.e. Essex way if need be missing an oc meet Anyone??? Joe
  18. Shows, Events and Meets
    Morning Gents (ladies if in attendance) Think its about time we got out and about again??? 5th April? Location no sure?? Its Joe by the way new account as I could not get into the other one.
  19. Shows, Events and Meets
    Right Guys and Girls, as it's been such a loooooong time since we last had a Norfolk OC meet I thought I'd try and arrange something. I was thinking Sunday 1st February at 10:30 ( weather dependant obviously!). I am open to offers but was going to suggest B&Q car park on the ring road in...
  20. Shows, Events and Meets
    Just thought id see if any one would like to meet up in cambridge at the end of this month im going to say sat 29th around 1 ish not sure on exact location as of yet
1-20 of 32 Results