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  1. Performance and Technical
    Hi everyone, please let me know if this has been answered in previous threads - I couldn’t find out. So I sat in a stock decat non-res R32 yesterday and it had barely any drone to it and was as loud as you’d imagine a decat to be. My current Miltek Non-res drones way too much cruising at...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Hi All, Having issues with my exhaust after some maintenance and upgrade work. Firstly had my OEM exhaust manifold gasket replaced as it was leaking. A couple of months later added a Milktek decat and full resonated system. The system sounds great, apart from a very annoying Chuffing almost...
  3. Wanted
    Hi, I have a Millitek cat back system resonator exhaust fitted to my 06 Mk5 R32. My car has only done 37K. I am enquiring if anyone is interested in swapping a standard system with my Millitek plus a bit of cash. The doner exhaust will have to be in good condition. The person wanting the...
1-3 of 3 Results