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  1. Wanted
    After a good condition non res catback, not really a fan of the miltek but open to anything! Thanks in advance. Liam
  2. Wanted
    I'm looking for an exhaust as I have an irreparable blow in the rear box. Looking for genuine part rather than going down the Milltek road. Please and thanks
  3. For Sale
    MK5 GOLF R32 OEM Catback Exhaust Removed from my car at 56000 Miles due to Milltek upgrade. Perfect for someone wanting to put their car back to standard to increase the amount of potential buyers. £70 collected, I don't mind if you would like to organise your own courier. Sensible offers...
  4. Sold Items
    I've just sold my MK5 R32 and have this Milltek non-resonated (louder) pipe left over. I have seen it for sale here http://goo.gl/mEUmJD for £140.34 I am looking for £80 collected, it's quite bulky but if you want to organise a courier I don't mind. I am located in Herefordshire, HR9...
  5. Sold Items
    Hi guys, For sale is a Milltek Resonated exhaust for the mkv R32. This is the quieter version of the Milltek exhaust system, with the resonated section removing any drone from within the cabin. It also costs more than the non-resonated version to purchase brand new. The tail pipes are the...
  6. General Chat
    Good Evening people I've seen that us mk5 owners are able to fit a mk6 R exhaust onto our cars and that it has a louder throatier sound than the standard mk5 exhaust.... As I know nothing about this I'mwondering what people's thoughts were?? How easy it will be to do and if (see pic) this is...
  7. General Chat
    Was just browsing fleabay and this beauty caught my eye item: 231588803286 Have to say the 32 twin tips look stunning on this!! VW should stick a 3.2 in the rocco like the vr6 corado back in the day!!
  8. For Sale
    As title. MK4 Milltek resonated mid/centre section. I had the res taken out and then put back in (I'm fussy) lol It's been done properly fits as it should no blows or anything. £60 posted.
  9. Sold Items
    As title. Fitted less than a year ago.. 4000 miles if that.. I believe he sells them for £340 delivered. I'm asking £250 delivered..
  10. General Chat
    Bought my first R32 last week. Hoorah! It's got a custom exhaust that I need to declare to the insurance, problem is I don't know which one it is. Any help appreciated.
  11. Car Care and Detailing
    Morning all, After giving the car a quick wipe over yesterday I decided that the black soot ridden exhaust tips needed some attention. After spending a bit of time looking on here and online for any tips from people I decided that I'd first try the "stuff in the cupboard" method before going...
  12. Wanted
    hi, after hearing a R32 with a decat I've decided i NEED to add one to my milltek non res. So second hand and cheap as poss? thanks!
  13. Wanted
    As sbove im after the standard cats for a mk5 R32. Ive just bought the car and its a decat. Cash waiting, thanks!
  14. For Sale
    Non resonated centre section part number 32.56.13 brand new £110 delivered in uk.
  15. For Sale
    Having just remove the standard exhaust from my car due to me upgrading systems. I am now trying to see if anyone would be interested in buying a stock system. ( I know there are probably loads around! ) It has covered around 50k miles and there are no holes in the exhaust and the backbox and...
  16. Performance and Technical
    Evening all i have searched but with little luck other than posts for MKV GTis. basically, last week i put a painters clip on the exhaust vacuum pipe i.e Flapper mod (pinching the pipe closed instead of pulling it off and sealing it etc). I forgot i did it to be honest, because i haven't...
  17. For Sale
    Selling an official Mk5 Milltek non-resonated exhaust centre section. Practically new spending only 6 days on the car. PRICE DROP!!! NOW £80 WITH FREE P&P
  18. General Chat
    I have recently purchased a mk5 r32 and looking to purchase a milltek, but have been told the non res version is very loud and some people say unbearable. I had the non res milltek on my mk4 and was happy with sound that made. Is the mk5 much different. Any input gratefully appreciated, Thanks Phil
  19. General Chat
    Anyone know what this is? Starts around 20 seconds after start and speeds up when car is revved?
  20. Sold Items
    For sale supersprint headers due to going F/I. Only used for less than 3 months. To fit VW Golf V R32, Audi TT 3,2 Quattro >2006 an A3 3,2 >2003. Manifold (LDH) cod: 765301 Dealers Price is 1256euros including VAT. Looking for 750euros plus shipping. Thanks!
1-20 of 35 Results