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  1. General Chat
    Just seen this video on the internet, some of you in the trade may find this very funny... or if you have just bought a car...
  2. General Chat
    Some of these videos are worth a watch. They do start to talk American in some parts which I can't translate, but there are some funny bits: Oh, and an R32 makes a brief appearance at 50 seconds in this episode with Jon Stewart too http://tinyurl.com/nre4qcx
  3. General Chat
    Ok my mum was in my van the other day so i thought i would have some fun when she was asleep lol!! Click on the 1080p quality. Call me nasty but she laughs about so its all good. I did a similar thing to her about 3 / 4 years ago in the heathrow tunnels. Thats also on youtube. Anyways enjoy...
  4. General Chat
    Just nicked this from another site.... Couldnt help myself.... A brilliant and humorous response to the notion that the Bible is the ultimate justification for any conflicting viewpoint in this day and age. Woe betide those who cherry-pick documents for their own advantage... Owning A Canadian...
1-4 of 4 Results