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  1. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anybody on here going to the Limerick show. I'll be in Ireland in May so will be going to the show. Any local lads want to organise a stand I'd be up for it.
  2. Shows, Events and Meets
    Dubshed is back, for the fourth year running! GTINI promise to bring you an even bigger, more diverse and different show than ever! We will have the biggest display of old, new, modified and classic cars from across the VAG range in addition to the usual attractions such as the GTINI team...
  3. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi Guys, I can't believe it's that time again! - life just turns around so quickly and it's time to invite you yet again to the 'Ultimate Dubs UK 2013' -now in it's 7th year. Things are now moving with clubs, traders and show cars now booking in at an alarming rate. The show will bring...
1-3 of 3 Results