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  1. Performance and Technical
    Hi there, My car has been sitting not getting used for about 8-9 days, When i took it out on Sunday for a short drive to the shops it ran fine, on leaving the car park to drive home a number of warning lights came on at the same time the power steering felt heavy and there was a constant...
  2. Performance and Technical
    So, mine konked out, ordered some new LED ones, plugged them in, no luck. check the fuse, low and behold it's blown, get a new fuse in, still the old or new lights don't work. Is it likely the internal wiring could have corroded or something? teasing the wires out i can see it's a soldered...
  3. General Chat
    Just purchased my r32 2007. Silly question probably! But light switch is in off position, but lights are on?
  4. Car Care and Detailing
    Hi guys, Is it safe to leave the lights switched to auto?? Does it drain any battery when set to auto?. I was told to always leave on auto as so convenient but then someone said it may drain battery?. Cheers
  5. Sold Items
    I have a set of genuine Valeo rear lights for sale. They are brand new, never fitted to a car. I have converted the inner lights to light up to match the outer lights. For those that do not know, i converted FernR32's inners ealier this year too, he has a thread about it. The inners have the...
  6. Sold Items
    A pair of crystal clear/red rear lights for MK4, I bought these years ago (second hand) and never used them. They've been sitting in my garage collecting dust since. The lenses and the gaskets look to be in great condition, no scratches, cracks or chips that I can see, comes with wiring...
  7. For Sale
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED 29/04/14 Updated the price, now £50 cheaper!! Due to finding a better/easier way of removing the outer lens. Also, the LED's have been...
1-7 of 7 Results