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  1. General Chat
    Anyone on the forum fit a Longlife custom stainless steel system to their MK IV R32. If yes, any vids available? I've used them before when I had my 2.8 4Motion. I wasn't very convinced with it on that car. I've heard the system however on a MK V and it certainly does sound epic and raises the...
  2. Photo's and Video's
    Cupra splitter 12mm spacers Neuspeed lowering springs Black R caps Classy R32OC rear window stickers Longlife custom exhaust
  3. Performance and Technical
    Ive had a Cat back system made and installed by the guys at Longlife Ipswich which looks great but at around 2.5k rpm I have loud resonance. This is both under acceleration and when maintaining a constant speed. Between idle and 2k rpm and above 3k rpm you get the usual exhaust rasp but between...
1-3 of 3 Results