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  1. Photo's and Video's
    A few pics from tonight's OC meet at Krispy Kreme New Malden... Good to see a few new faces
  2. Hall of Fame
    Probably still one of the largest gatherings or R32'S and a time i still look back on with the fondest of memories Who can spot their rides
  3. OC Events
    Who around for a little meet down south? I was thinking Cobham Services on the M25. Not sure on date or time yet. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. General Chat
    Hi All, Just a quick one. Bumped into a guy today, got chatting and he seemed like a proper standup guy. Said he knew a few guys on this forum. (Lee Dub is his name) Anyway, apparently there is a VAG meet at Trafford Center, Krispy Kreme every Friday. Is this something people on here attend...
1-4 of 4 Results