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  1. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anybody else going to this? link Normally a pretty good day out with some lovely cars in attendance. Aiming to get some pre-remap numbers for mine so I know what to expect! Stone
  2. Performance and Technical
    Hi guys, Looking to get some advise about getting remapped in the midlands area. Trying to chose between r-tech, Br- Motorsport and stealth. Prices vary as much as £150 for the same on the road custom map with options such as flat shift / launch control included. Has anyone had experience...
  3. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi The Horsepower at the Hall organisers have released the dates of their 2016 meets. This was a new meet created last year which proved to be a great success. The variety of cars in attendance each month varies so much, from Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren to Caterhams, Austins, Minis, VWs to...
  4. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hey Guys, Anyone fancy getting together for a greasy fry up and a meet one Sunday Morning? There is a 24 hour roadside cafe with plenty of parking just off Junction 24 M1. It's on the link road between the main roundabout and the Donington services. I can post more details if there is any...
  5. Shows, Events and Meets
    Any of you heading to Waxstock on Sunday (26-07-2015)?
  6. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hey everyone, Originally set up a spotted thread http://www.r32oc.com...13#entry1979513 as R32's are quite common round my way (Lincoln) and after suggesting a local meet. Another member mentioned the Horsepower at the Hall event. Would anyone be interested in attending on the 12th July? The...
  7. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hey! Are there any meets around the Lincs area?
  8. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anymore up for this? Me and fern are going to this event and was wondering if anyone else is interested? We need 10+ cars for a stand so if you are up for this event leave your name and i will pop it on the list! www.RWYB.com 1.AJRacing (Maybe) 3. Tej (Maybe) 4. Jamier3.2 6. R32Eden 7. Alyr32...
  9. Shows, Events and Meets
    https://www.facebook.com/events/692732847491981/ I'm probably going to this, is anybody else?
  10. Shows, Events and Meets
    Just a quick note to let you know VR6OC are running a rolling road and show and shine at Stealth Racing this coming Sunday. We have a couple of spaces left so your welcome to come, even if you are just coming to spectate
  11. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hey guys, I couldn't find a thread for this event and was wondering if anyone will be attending? The dates are 29th - 31st August.
  12. Shows, Events and Meets
    Would anyone be interested in setting a meet in nottingham up? A mate of mine who had an R said that people used to meet one a month at Gunthorpe. Let me know if anyone's up for it.
  13. Shows, Events and Meets
    I'm reasonably new to the forum and have only had my Mk4 for a couple of months now. I'm going to head over to GTI International for the first time this weekend but unfortunately work commitments mean I only have one day free but I can choose which day that is. My question to the experienced...
  14. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi, I am part of a club called Midlands STOC you can find us on Facebook https://www.facebook...f_type=bookmark … I am getting in touch to let you know that we have are holding a Hot Hatch event at Rockingham Race Course on 10th August and would like to invite yourselves along as a club...
  15. Shows, Events and Meets
    After the success of our 2009/2010/2011/2012 & 2013 charity RR day events we have decided to hold another for the 6th year running. All together all the events have raised over £7700 for various charities including Help for Heroes, Cancer Research UK, Action Group Research, SADS, Battersea Dogs...
  16. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi All, I have took it upon myself to organise a R32OC stand at this years Dubfiction show. I know a few went last year and I'm sure they will agree it was a great, relaxed family friendly show in a fantastic location. We have been given unlimited space so let's make it a BIG one! Location...
  17. Shows, Events and Meets
    http://dubfreeze.co.uk/index.php Just wondered if anyone else was venturing out? Seems to be quite a small show so should be quite a different vibe from the usual maddness
  18. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi anyone interested in starting a East Midlands meet? Im a newbie from Mansfield just north of nottingham, so this coukd include people from Lincolnshire, Notts, Derby, And Some parts of South Yorkshire, any ideas let me know
  19. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hello, Earlier last year I got given the pleasure of organising (stitched up) with organising this years event. I have applied to the organisers and we have been accepted :-) here is the details from the website; http://www.gtiinternational.co.uk/ - if interested in the1/4 mile you must wear...
1-20 of 38 Results