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  1. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Im having issues with clearance after ive fitted my 18z calipers. Ive installed my calipers now but when the wheel is turned in the caliper is hitting the wishbone on both sides. First it was hitting the 3 bolts on the wishbone but i flipped them araound and it could turn a little more in but...
  2. General Chat
    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with airbags on the Mk4 R32.. Has anyone ever had to get these replaced, I've heard that it has to be done by an official VW dealer so that the ECU can be reset and any faults cleared? Do the airbags and sensors both have to be replaced...
  3. General Chat
    Hi all, Ive had a quick search round but had no luck finding anything. Today while looking at a few things on the car I noticed that the front wings were quite warm after about a 20 minute drive (temp 90deg), so I opened the bonnet and the majority of the heat appeared to be on the sides of the...
  4. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Hi everyone Just returned home from purchasing my first R32 Lovely example with only 53k, will hopefully get some pics up when the weather improves. Also - can anyone recommend any garages from the Cirencester / Swindon area for any future work?
  5. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Firstly Hello guys new to the R32OC One of those things I should have done along time ago. Well Im on here now. I have a standard Mk4 R32 Black with Black leather interior. Standard wheels the only recent upgrade was a set of Eibach Pro springs replacing the Snapped standard springs. All was...
  6. Sold Items
    Welcome to the sale of my MK4 R32 turbo, since owning this car i've spent a lot of money on this car. Im selling the car as i've found some cars that im very interested in. This car has alot of history with only being owned by forum members and being one the first ever mk4 R32 turbo's in the...
  7. Sold Items
    For sale is my Front Anti Roll Bar. Taken off my 32 as I've just upgraded. I'm after £60. Collection from Herts or Edgware. 07732817870
  8. Performance and Technical
    Goodmorning peoples... Ive got this Tick Tick Tick/ Creak Creak Creak noise coming from the rear offside somewere, Only happens on initial start upon the car for literally 8secs. Haven't got a foggiest what it is? Sounds like a spring expanding, Can anyone shed some light??
  9. Performance and Technical
    Morning all, I was just wondering if anyone has installed the Bilstein B8 Sprints to their Mk4 R and how it compares to the stock suspension for comfort? http://www.awesomegt...32-3-2-v6-01-99 Any input would be greatly receiver! Cheers Mark
  10. Performance and Technical
    hi, is there any one that is a whizz with the haldex system as cant seem to get mine to work!!? pump,controller and haldex coupling have all been done up and the system works when activated through vagcom with the car up in the air! however it wont activate when on the road and has mechanical...
  11. Performance and Technical
    hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and recently became a mk4 r32 owner. The car has been fine for the last 2 weeks, had a full service yesterday using all genuine parts. when the car was on the ramp i had a good look round and i noticed the front struts aren't in the best condition. I drove...
  12. Sold Items
  13. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagon-Golf-MK4-R32-/261293437908?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3cd64d73d4 It's listed as Indigo Blue, but I think it's Moonlight Blue?
  14. Performance and Technical
    Last week I took my Mk4 R32 down to R-Tech in Hickley to have it custom mapped. For those of you who haven't heard of R-Tech, here is there website: - http://www.r-techpower.co.uk/ And some feedback from the uk-mkivs.net forum: - http://uk-mkivs.net/...s/t/270216.aspx This is the 3rd car...
  15. Members Rides
    Hi all! My name is Roma, I am from Moscow to the capital of Russia, very happy to attend your forum. I'll tell my little story of my acquisition of R32 When the MK4 R32 was started formally through Volkswagen dealers are not imported: (: (. In Moscow, this machine is very rare in my data their...
1-16 of 16 Results