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  1. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Hey everyone, as of a month ago; I've become an owner of an mk5 r32, bought it in the lower 48 and drove it 4000 miles nonstop to Fairbanks, Alaska. Honestly, this may have been a pretty big financial mistake considering that A. I'm a college student B. I have literally the only r32 north of...
  2. General Chat
    Hi everyone, as im sure some of you will of seen my wanted posts im on the lookout for a mk5 R32, now after going to look at one yesterday i wasnt happy with how the chain noise was when listening to the engine on tick over. now ive searched the forum to see if i can find anything relating to...
  3. Wanted
    Front Bumper with centre section and with grill inserts ideally. Black if possible if not any will do. Advertising for a friend
  4. Tutorials and Guides
    How to fit MK6/Silver tipped window switch set to a MK5 Things you'll be needing Interior trim removal tools 2x Towels T10/T20/T30 Bits & driver (preferably <6") A mug About 60-90 minutes Parts I Used Drivers side - 1K4-868-050-C-75R Pass side - 1K0-867-179-D-75R & 1K0-868-039/B 75R Switches...
  5. Vehicles for Sale
    Selling my MK5 R32 in the stunning Deep Blue Pearl. Leather, winter pack, sony bluetooth headunit, convinience pack, heated seats, very well looked after, full service history, brand new front brembo discs and pads. See my auto trader ad for pictures and more information...
  6. General Chat
    I have a set of standard suspension in my spare room that was removed from my car (Mk5 R32 2006 5dr) at around 45000 miles. There was nothing wrong with them at the time, I just decided to fit coilovers. The suspension has been off the car for about 5 years. I was wondering if being off the car...
  7. Performance and Technical
    Hi there, My car has been sitting not getting used for about 8-9 days, When i took it out on Sunday for a short drive to the shops it ran fine, on leaving the car park to drive home a number of warning lights came on at the same time the power steering felt heavy and there was a constant...
  8. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Just upgraded to a mk5, any owners on hear close to chichester? seen a couple about!
  9. Vehicles for Sale
    Reluctant, but bought a new car the other day so this is going up for sale: http://www.autotrade...201510228071729 Please check the link out All the pics and info on auto trader May consider genuine offers from someone on the forum Located in Nottinghamshire Contact Number 07547530997 Thanks
  10. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Hello everyone I've just become the Very very proud owner of this MK5 R32, 08 plate with 55k on the clock. IM LOVING IT, its that noise ; ) I will be posting all the upgrades i have planed as soon as the funds are available LOL Thanks
  11. Group Buys
    I have found a Tuning company that has developed REAR MK4 R32 DL and they are willing to manufacture a small batch. They also do fronts. These are tried and tested and developed with the help of an R32 track day owner who tested the set up at Goodwood Racing track. Are there any MK4 owners...
  12. Vehicles for Sale
    Finally putting her up for sale; it would be nice if it went to a fellow enthusiast. Please see the link below: http://www.pistonhea...---2008/4648238 SOLD My number is in the ad if you need any more info.
  13. General Chat
    I've installed a Dension Aux link to my MFD2, so the 6CD changer in the armrest is now redundant. Does anybody know if there's a part number (or aftermarket part) for a cubby slot to fill the gap of the CD changer? Or just options for the armrest in general. I know that makes little sense...
  14. For Sale
    Set of four genuine vw omanyt alloy wheels 18x7.5 Et 51 In need of light refurbing as the diamond turning around the edge has started to fail. Two tyres are legal and have some life the other two are on the limit. Complete with centre caps in good condition £375 ono PM with any questions
  15. For Sale
    MK5 GOLF R32 OEM Catback Exhaust Removed from my car at 56000 Miles due to Milltek upgrade. Perfect for someone wanting to put their car back to standard to increase the amount of potential buyers. £70 collected, I don't mind if you would like to organise your own courier. Sensible offers...
  16. Sold Items
    Hi guys, Got a Revo Select switch here for the mkv R32. You obviously need a Revo map for this to work. It allows you to switch between stock and performance maps, as well as utilising the anti-theft function. Asking for £10 posted. Payment via PayPal, not gifted. Located in Liverpool. Photo...
  17. For Sale
    Hi guys, Got a set of ECS Billet Climatronic rings for the mkv Golf. These have been on the car for around 5 years and are in good condition with only minor surface marks due to wear and tear. Asking for £10 including postage. Payment via PayPal, not gifted. Located in Liverpool. Photos below:
  18. Sold Items
    Hi guys, For sale is a Milltek Resonated exhaust for the mkv R32. This is the quieter version of the Milltek exhaust system, with the resonated section removing any drone from within the cabin. It also costs more than the non-resonated version to purchase brand new. The tail pipes are the...
  19. Sold Items
    Hi guys, For sale is a set of H&R lowering springs for the mkv R32. These were purchased brand new and have been on the car for approximately 30,000 miles. As you can see from the photos, the powdercoating is still in good condition with minor wear and tear in some parts. The photos are high...
  20. Performance and Technical
    Hi Everyone, i am a happy owner of an Audi A3 3.2 DSG which i bought 3 months ago, which is virtually the same as the Golf R32. (R32 didn't arrive to my country so it's the closest thing i could findd). It has a few mods on it, p flo type air intake, cat back exhaust decat, and engine + dsg...
1-20 of 100 Results