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  1. Vehicles for Sale
    Hi All, I work for a garage and we have been lucky enough to come across this gorgeous stock. Its a 2012/12 Volkswagen Golf R 270PS 5 door with the DSG gearbox in Rising Blue 64,500 Miles I collected this car from our supplier, drove it 50 miles back and completely fell in love with the car...
  2. General Chat
    Good Evening people I've seen that us mk5 owners are able to fit a mk6 R exhaust onto our cars and that it has a louder throatier sound than the standard mk5 exhaust.... As I know nothing about this I'mwondering what people's thoughts were?? How easy it will be to do and if (see pic) this is...
  3. General Chat
    HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 DSG Bi-Turbo Engine power: 745 PS Engine torque: 925 NM (based on DQ500 DSG transmission) Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 3,1 sec More informations soon! TV storry about this amazing car next Sunday 16.09.2012 in Germany! ("GRIP - Das Motormagazin", RTL2, 19:00 h)
1-4 of 4 Results