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  1. General Chat
    Afternoon all, So i'll be collecitng my r32 at the weekend if all goes to plan. and was looking around the forum for mod ideas (non engine/preferably non influential on insurance). thinking about the short shifter as a definite. seen that the dogbone mount is also recommended at the same time...
  2. General Chat
    Afternoon Guys, I've just had a phonecall from my garage (VolksAutos) saying they are now officially distributors and fitters of all Awesome Gti products for the South of England Any queries please contact CHRIS on 0208 643 4313 feel free to quote the OC as he is in the process of sorting out...
  3. General Chat
    Hey guys, I'm already looking for an new R32 and have seen a few in ads, my question is this: I have read that lowering the cars can effect the Diff, if this is damaged/worn are there any easy warning signs when looking at the car please?
  4. Performance and Technical
    I risk making an arse of myself as I'm not a technical person, but have been thinking about this of late and thought I'd ask the question/throw this out there... I know that you can retro-fit cruise control and that is on the list of things to do, but can you retro-fit VW Start/Stop tech? From...
  5. Performance and Technical
    Ok, I know that this will have been covered in many ways before, but having just read a load of stuff on Cams etc I'm confused and I'm not an engineer - can people recommend a few basic performance mods to get me started please i.e. Filter, Spark plugs, exhaust etc... Thanks in advance
  6. Performance and Technical
    Has anyone modified their R32 chip / Turbo etc I am looking to increase my bhp and need some advice
1-6 of 6 Results