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  1. Sold Items
  2. Sold Items
    Neuspeed P-Flo induction kit for MK4 R32 or MK1 TT 3.2. Removed from a 53 reg MK4 R32, only covered 3,000 miles. Just been cleaned, very good condition, only rub marks evident to heat shield sides, otherwise sound. Connection for 86mm MAF hose. £163 excluding delivery from Awesome GTI...
  3. Sold Items
    For sale is my Neuspeed P-Flo Air Induction Kit for Audi TT 3.2 2008-09 / A3 3.2 2006-09 / VW Golf MK5 R32. This was removed from a 2006 MK5 R32 and has covered around 3,000 miles, in mint condition and complete with heat shield, all fixtures and fittings, original box and original...
  4. Wanted
    Hi, Just a post for a one off chance that any of these would be going for sale, as ideally I would like to install these and then go for the stage 2 remap, although can't really afford full retail. Thanks.#
  5. Performance and Technical
    Hi Guys, Just after a bit of advice. I want to get the suspension and handling sorted on my MKIV, so far I was thinking: Eibach Pro Street Coils: not wanting to go super low as want max performance, will I need to replace the tie arms? Neuspeed ARBs: Different diameters? Which is best...
1-5 of 5 Results