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  1. Performance and Technical
    Hi, had r32 previous second one, friends have had many I've looked at loads of videos etc.... Done flapper mod on and off got two different pipes both standard one with res cut out etc again.. So now the issue... My r32 exaust is making a raspy tinny sound. Not general r32 rasp. Not a deep...
  2. Interior and Exterior
    Hey Guys, I am tearing my hair out about a problem with something rolling around in my car. (Mk4 R32) There is something which sounds very much like a chunk of glass from a previously broken window rolling back and forth under acceleration and braking. My guess would be that it rolls about...
  3. General Chat
    What are your opinions on the Milltek res // non-res as opposed to the stock exhaust sounds (MK5) ????? Non-res videos ive seen sound quuuuuality - but ive no idea how both the Millteks compare/differ to the standard exhaust when hearin 'em in the flesh?? .. Any preferences? Cheers ..
1-3 of 3 Results