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  1. Sold Items
    Hi, I have the registration mark R30 TTU for sale. Actually reads R32 (r 30 t tu) My beloved R32 is now sold, Price £400 Previous price was a typo, apologies On retention ready to transfer Offers invited Please note this is the registration mark for sale, not the car in the pic, this is...
  2. Sold Items
    Hey all, Found a more suitable private plate for my car so selling on my current plate: R32 VHT To make the transfer as hassle free as possible I'm willing to pay the £105 to put the plate onto retention. From there I can assign you as the registered owner of the retained plate (the...
  3. General Chat
    Hi all In the next few weeks I'll be selling my current private plate and plan on seeing if there's any interest on here. Basically the point of this thread is to ask what is the best possible way I can do this, what do I NEED to include, what should I avoid including? Is it possible to have an...
1-3 of 3 Results