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  1. Performance and Technical
    So I have a MKV R32 DSG, at 115k kms now. 2 days ago I got a warning light for low coolant, so checked the expansion tank to find it had cream all over it. It's a very light almost almond colour, but definitely oil. Topped up the system and limped home. No cooling system leaks, temp was all...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Ahoy there folks, hows form? Just a quick and easy question I hope. I've spent the morning trying to get hold of the tool, filter, oil and syringey thingy (think the oil actually come in this), don't seem to be able to find much online. Do any of you folks know where I can find the full kit? I'm...
  3. Performance and Technical
    Hi All Once around a month ago and over the last few days more frequently my R32 has been popping up the message 'STOP oil pressure, Stop Motor' warning light with warning beeps. I guessing the oil pump in the sump is slugged up or is going faulty as I had a simillar problem with my old Audi...
1-3 of 3 Results