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  1. For Sale
    Some big changes upcoming to my car so having to offload some of my collection of bits and bobs to free up some cash. All prices are excluding delivery, if somebody is interested i won't be sticking the arm into anyone i'll be getting a fair price from royal mail for insured delivery and we'll...
  2. For Sale
    ABT Sports Line Carbon Fibre Engine Cover This is a very rare, unique and one off piece of carbon fibre and I personally haven't seen another one in the U.K directly shipped over from Germany and these are only usually supplied with the ABT super charger kits and are not in production any more...
  3. For Sale
    I have now sold my R32 however i still have aa couple of items left for sale including the unique mk5 ABT carbon fibre engine cover, The products include: 1. ABT Sportsline Carbon Fibre Engine Cover 2. Osir Carbon Fibre Dash Surround...
  4. For Sale
    ALL SOLD These items did not sell with the car so I have no use for them. The splitter is in as new condition with original box, only test fitted by the previous owner of the splitter. The dsg surround is also in as new condition. The standard cats are in good used condition. Carbon splitter...
  5. Group Buys
    Morning! I am just awaiting for a sample of a carbon fibre rear valance. Im sure everyone knows how expensive and difficult it is to get the OSIR version of the rear valance from TT Shop. Assuming the fitment is good, and the pricing I know already will be far better than what TT Shop can...
  6. Vehicles for Sale
    Back up for sale is my 2007 Mk5 Golf R32 in Deep Blue Pearl, I had this up for sale last October due to a change in job which made the commute to work and back an increase in millage. However the previous topic turned more into a discussion, so I have now decided to put the R back up for sale...
  7. For Sale
    I have for sale this lovely set of interior carbon stripes for a 5door R32, it will really transform the interior! This is one of the many mods i have done that gets a lot of attention. Again a very expensive mod to buy brand new, over £350! on offer now at £250 + £20postage...
  8. For Sale
    This is a lovely piece of carbon that fits perfectly around a RHD R32 DSG gearbox. £40 + £10 postage http://www.ttsroadsport.com/content.asp?inc=product&cat=204311S0101&product=OSIR0007
  9. For Sale
    I have for sale as per title of thread. £20 + £5 postage (due to being such a small pacel) http://www.osirusa.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=VGTI-SBGT-CF&Category_Code=VR32IA
  10. For Sale
    I bought these brand new and have never ever been used or rarely seen daylight! These are extremely expensive parts to buy bran new in excess of £280! on offer, £200 + £15 postage http://www.ttsroadsp...roduct=OSIR0028
  11. For Sale
    I have for sale here original Osir C-Frame GT parts. £150 + £15 postage Brand New it would be £240.00 so a great saving to be made here! http://www.ttsroadsport.com/content.asp?inc=product&cat=204311S0101&product=OSIR0009
1-12 of 12 Results