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  1. General Chat
    Hi all, few stone chips on the front bumper. I want the whole front end respraying although want a prefect job. anyone that can be recommended in the North West of England ? Thanks Womble
  2. General Chat
    Im scared For a while i've been wanting to paint my wheels because when i bought them they were flaking off I got a quote from a painter and he said bring them down (today) and give him a colour code and he will get them done I struggled finding the right colour to be honest, i looked at bmw...
  3. General Chat
    For the past 4 weeks I have been negotiating with VW UK re paint problems on the front wings of my mk5 R32. I noticed that under the wheel arch at 12.00 o'clock the paint was peeling / lifting. I researched some golf forums and there were conflicting reports that the mk5 R32 had a recognised...
1-3 of 3 Results