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  1. Wanted
    Front Bumper with centre section and with grill inserts ideally. Black if possible if not any will do. Advertising for a friend
  2. Interior and Exterior
    Hi guys. Can someone identify what this rubber part is? As you can see its perished and i think its causing a leak in the cabin. Which also you can see is pretty bad now. cheers
  3. In Car Entertainment
    When i bought my R is had the factory sat nav unit but a couple of buttons were missing (as well as the 'back' button not working - can work around this). If there any way of getting replacement switches for it?
  4. Wanted
    Hi all, Having just bought my R its in great nick except for the little center strip on the engine cover (the part that covers the spark wires). Part number is - 022 103 935 AB VW have quoted me £49.00 Anyone have one going? Cheers folks!
  5. Performance and Technical
    Hi guys, I have a 2002 20V V5 and I will be breaking it soon, I dont think there will be much demand for the engine so I got thinking as to whether there are certain engine parts I could take off and keep as spares for my R32 before I scrap the shell. Things I would be interested in salvaging...
  6. Performance and Technical
    Well, I've done it again. Managed to have my 6th crash in just under 3 years driving. In my defense, 3 of those times I was crashed into and I did do a whole lot of mileage in those 3ish years. Either way, I managed to crash into one of those jumping out moving island curbs, you know the ones...
  7. Performance and Technical
    I have access to ETKA and ELSA win but am not sure how you find out which parts are compatible with which models. Does anyone know?
  8. Performance and Technical
    Hi Novice query--- I was advised a while ago that my rear lower arm bushes were a bit worn, not a major problem at the time. Then again (although this time VW dealer) said the rear bump stops were worn. Are they the same thing? Or do I have more than one thing wearing? Normally don't trust...
  9. Performance and Technical
    I risk making an arse of myself as I'm not a technical person, but have been thinking about this of late and thought I'd ask the question/throw this out there... I know that you can retro-fit cruise control and that is on the list of things to do, but can you retro-fit VW Start/Stop tech? From...
1-9 of 9 Results