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  1. Tutorials and Guides
    Hi guys, recently bought a r32 mk4 once again Drives fine just noticed the temp reaching 120c until fans switch on Replaced radiator fan switch - still the same! Replaced temperature sensor (green one) - still the same! I know the fans are dodgy/broken as only run on high speed and the...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Hi Everyone, i am a happy owner of an Audi A3 3.2 DSG which i bought 3 months ago, which is virtually the same as the Golf R32. (R32 didn't arrive to my country so it's the closest thing i could findd). It has a few mods on it, p flo type air intake, cat back exhaust decat, and engine + dsg...
  3. General Chat
    Just purchased my r32 2007. Silly question probably! But light switch is in off position, but lights are on?
  4. In Car Entertainment
    Hey Guys, My car has been stood for a while and upon getting it back on the road again my amp is playing up. When the amp is 'enabled' by the head unit, the red LED on the amp pulses slowly at the same rate as the sub gives out a slow dull thud. This process just repeats over and over...
  5. Performance and Technical
    Hello all, I have recently bought a MK4 R32. I thought ownership would be easy, I thought it would be relatively cost effective (minus the fuel), I was wrong. A host of problems in the first month and the problems continue to appear. I even considered trading in for something else last night...
1-5 of 5 Results