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  1. Sold Items
    R36 blue conduit, I did this little mod on my MK4 a few years ago, *SOLD*
  2. Performance and Technical
    I've seen many mrk 4 r36 golfs .... Did Vw make them .... Or have people changed the engine ?????
  3. Photo's and Video's
    The collection to date, RED MK4 .:R32 DPB MK4.:R32 The ball n chains MK1 Cabriolet My MK2 .:Rallye .:R36 Syncro And the latest edition, (for the kids seemingly) lol Audi Q7 TDI ................THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE!!!!!
  4. Photo's and Video's
    Made an arse of this!!! Stall lol
  5. General Chat
    HGP VW Golf VI R 3.6 DSG Bi-Turbo Engine power: 745 PS Engine torque: 925 NM (based on DQ500 DSG transmission) Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 3,1 sec More informations soon! TV storry about this amazing car next Sunday 16.09.2012 in Germany! ("GRIP - Das Motormagazin", RTL2, 19:00 h)
  6. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Hi All, new member here, Dave in Cambridgeshire. Happy with my MkV R32 but also looking at an R36. Has anyone else heard of a failure with the 3.6 V6 engines where the oil pump bolt breaks/falls out and trashes the engine? I would be very grateful if someone could let me know if this is an issue...
1-6 of 6 Results