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    The collection to date, RED MK4 .:R32 DPB MK4.:R32 The ball n chains MK1 Cabriolet My MK2 .:Rallye .:R36 Syncro And the latest edition, (for the kids seemingly) lol Audi Q7 TDI ................THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE!!!!!
  2. Photo's and Video's
    Made an arse of this!!! Stall lol
  3. Members Rides
    Hi, Thought this might be of interest to someone... I have a Golf Rallye, it is the ex-SNS tuning demo car. It looked like this: 5 years ago I relocated to Saudi Arabia, and had it shipped out here, the only issue being A/C, or lack of... I thought this would be the A/C capital of the...
1-3 of 3 Results