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  1. For Sale
    brand new boxed RECARO CS SPORTSTERS white andrew muirhead leather (same as used in Aston Martins) with flawless stitching matching leather can be obtained at extra cost discrete Recaro logo embossed between upper harness points £1600 LEICESTER bargain as just trimming cost would be close to...
  2. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    Here's the link to my ultra rare racing haldex... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251546983093 Thanks
  3. Sold Items
    Rare US issue four button key fob Nice subtle mod to do for any Golf MK4 or Bora owner Fourth button (red one) can be modded to set the alarm off in any situation that may arise @Ray(aRd) can help with the modification, you will require a spare keyfob that already works with your car to be...
  4. Vehicles for Sale
    Hi im selling my R32 because i want to upgrade to RS4 and i need some manual back in my life!! £13,800 40,200 miles FSH SPOTLESS (thanks to my OCD ) a copy and paste from my pistonheads advert: http://www.pistonhea...age-fsh/1550969 VIDEO : finished in Matte Metallic Grey 3M wrap with Black...
  5. Interior and Exterior
    Just a quick question are these hard to fit? i have one sitting in my garage in pristine condition, i took it off a written off car that had only done 30k. I have all the fixtures and fittings to it pillar covers etc its for a 3 door i was wondering if they are hard to fit? or is there a guide...
1-5 of 5 Results