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  1. Vehicles for Sale
    For sale, my tornado red 2008 mk 5 R32. Little bit of info on the car. Had the car for 4 years. Bought her with 46k on the clock. Has now done 56k. Had a mk4 r32 for 3 years before that. Services at: 10,512 m 16,312 m 26,493 m 35,656 m 45,638 m 53,418 m 55,012 m Was last serviced at AMD...
  2. For Sale
    removed from brand new lotus being prepped for track black/charcoal heated nappa leather set tilt + recline on double locking rails £1500 for the pair (to put that into perspective recaro currently charge about £1400 for x1 in leathette, aka fake leather) 07734nine31385 - leicester
  3. For Sale
    brand new boxed RECARO CS SPORTSTERS white andrew muirhead leather (same as used in Aston Martins) with flawless stitching matching leather can be obtained at extra cost discrete Recaro logo embossed between upper harness points £1600 LEICESTER bargain as just trimming cost would be close to...
  4. Vehicles for Sale
    What would be a fair price to pay for a 2009 R32, with buckets, DSG, Sat Nav, 50k miles, FSH, 1 year MOT, 3 months warranty, 5 doors, reverse sensors, and a miltek.
  5. Wanted
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a pristine condition R32 in grey, which must have DSG, FSH and low mileage - ideally previously owned by an enthusiast who looked after it very well. ***UPDATE*** Got an absolutely stunning one! :-)
  6. Interior and Exterior
    Hi all, I'm looking at replacing the worn bolsters on my cloth Recaros (wing-backs). After searching online i can't seem to find much in the way of the foam bolsters or the cloth. I have a friend who does upholstery, he's said he can do it but i need to source the cloth, i see it's called...
  7. Interior and Exterior
    I'm looking to buy a set of Recaro wing backs for a 3 door R32 and I've found a set but they look like they're out of a 5 door. Are they the same in the 3 doors & 5 doors? Do the recaros in a 3 door recline & slide forward to allow someone in the back? Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks!
  8. Interior and Exterior
    Hi guys, Newbie MK5 R32 owner here based in South Wales (although owned a load of VW's before this!) Absolutely love my R, and want to get it to pristine condition - currently got a bit of bolster sag on my recaros which really bugs me. As this is a fairly common issue on the Recaros I...
  9. Sold Items
    FOR SALE My pride and joy!! 2006 VW Golf mk5 R32 (Revo Stage 2) Reflex Silver DSG Semi-Auto Gearbox 5 Door 53,000 Miles (Used Daily) TAX: November 2014 9 Months MOT: April 2015 12 Months Full Service History VW and VW Specialist The all important DSG and Haldex service was carried out at 39k...
  10. Vehicles for Sale
    Right I am going to have to see the doctor or buy an R32, I can't sleep at night thinking about them, I'm like a kid at Christmas! I haven't felt like this in years about anything, but I've wanted one of these beauties for over 3 years now. Anyway this aint an agony aunt forum, so here's what...
  11. Wanted
    As per title, just checking to see if anybody is closer to Scotland and fancies a swap to standard leather heated seats or to buy them outright. Trying to keep the .:R mileage down low and off the road for the winter. Cheers
  12. recaro

1-12 of 12 Results