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  1. General Chat
    Hello R32 Owners! Welcome to your new digital car ownership journey! Are you fed up with carrying tons of physical paperwork to retain your car's resale value, losing track of your MOT/ Service? Not any more...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Well, I've done it again. Managed to have my 6th crash in just under 3 years driving. In my defense, 3 of those times I was crashed into and I did do a whole lot of mileage in those 3ish years. Either way, I managed to crash into one of those jumping out moving island curbs, you know the ones...
  3. Interior and Exterior
    Hi guys, Just wondering is it possible to repair/refurb the brushed aluminium interior trim (especially grab handles), is it possible to sand them down to get rid of the marks and then re-laquer them?
  4. Interior and Exterior
    Anyone know where to repair both sill on a golf r32 mk5 as they will need lining up allowing side skirts to fit proply
  5. General Chat
    Hi All, I came back from a walk into town yesterday evening to find that a neighbour had reversed into the drivers side door of my Mk5! As far as damage goes there are quite a few dents in the door (about 4-5) and then there is considerable scratching and paint chips on the door and trim...
1-5 of 5 Results