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  1. Performance and Technical
    I have a Mk5 R32 and recently had the OEM Engine Air Filter changed. It was done separately to the service so nothing else was changed at the time. Now I am not ruling out the placebo effect BUT I'm absolutely positive that the car is running so much smoother/stronger now - and I mean a lot...
  2. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    Ebay link to Milltek Cat-back Exhaust Non-Resonated Pipe for VW Golf Mk5 R32. http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=281303115921 This item is the centre silencer replacement pipe which can be fitted in the two-part Milltek Sport Cat-back exhaust system. It is also known as the non-resonated section...
  3. Performance and Technical
    I just had my latest service (1 year since the last, on time and distance). This one was an interval service. Mileage is 57,707. My question is, the engine air filter needs changing at 60k. As it seems they missed it/and I didn't realise till afterwords, should I have it done separately at 60k...
  4. Performance and Technical
    My Mk5 DSG makes the occasional click/clunk when slowing to a slop as the gears drop towards first (usually 3.2.1). No jolting or anything just an audible sound of something engaging. Is this normal for the DSGs?
  5. For Sale
    Selling an official Mk5 Milltek non-resonated exhaust centre section. Practically new spending only 6 days on the car. PRICE DROP!!! NOW £80 WITH FREE P&P
1-5 of 5 Results