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  1. General Chat
    Am an Englishman through and through,but was just watching the Scots and felt so gutted for them,they played there hearts out and deserved to go through to the semi finals,couple of dodgy penalties given against them..
  2. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anyone going to this, I'll probably be taking the R as I have not used it since the beginning of May
  3. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anyone from here heading to Scottish vag this year on the 26th of July at chantelherault country park Carlisle road Hamilton ML3 7UE
  4. Shows, Events and Meets
    CarPro UK/Imperial Wax/Defined Details Open Day Meet - Glasgow, Feb. 22nd. Info HERE for anyone that fancies it. Alan W
  5. Shows, Events and Meets
    not sure what shows I'll go to this year yet. was Thinking of a trip to Crail at some point, knockhill and maybe SCS but not to sure yet. its been a long winter and I've had plenty of work done on the car but really just looking for a few good days out. any suggestions?
  6. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi Guys/Gals Would there be any interest in a club stand at cleanfest? Club stand applications are open now. It would be good to meet some fellow R owners Let me know if you're interested, i'll be applying anyway so thought I would ask? Sooner the better. Minimum 4 spaces Max 20. Cheers Ross
  7. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anybody of here going on Sunday, I'll be in a black mk2 16v, will be in the show and shine.
  8. Shows, Events and Meets
    Just to let you all know. This show is on at Chatelherault country park Near Hamilton on Sunday the 20th July, from 10am for the public and 9am for club stands. Hope to see some R32's on the day.
  9. Shows, Events and Meets
    Who is all going to the german invasion at Crail?
  10. Shows, Events and Meets
    Would love to see some of the R32s make it up for this.
  11. Shows, Events and Meets
    I'm wanting to scope out any interest form anyone in the highlands/ east/ south for a meet before Christmas. And before the snow hits!! My idea was a meet in Inverness drive on to keith down to Grantown on Spey and back up to Inverness grab some grub along the way? Anyone got any thoughts or...
  12. Vehicles for Sale
    Hi all! Afraid Its time to say goodbye to the Mk5 R32 Im getting married and going on honeymoon next month, when I get back ill be trying to get a deposit together for a new house ...AND (we've both) recently left our jobs to start our new business together...! If anyone is interested before...
  13. Shows, Events and Meets
    Alright guys this is an edit. Meet tomorrow night (27th) at 7pm at Harry ramsdens at Springfield key in the city centre. We have quite a few already but hopefully we can get more people along. Cheers
  14. Shows, Events and Meets
    Afternoon chaps, As a lot of you would of seen on the last thread we tried to pick a sate to suit everyone, needless to say it didnt work out. So what if we say the 31st March to get the ball rolling for regular meets. Perhaps meet in Inverness and drive through to Elgin (33miles) for lunch or...
  15. Shows, Events and Meets
    Evening Chaps, Not sure how many/if any would be interested but there is a ScottishVag meet happening on Sunday 03/02 and just wanted to let anyone interested know that they should pop along. Inverness at 12.00 then convoy to Elgin. I hope there wont be just 1 R32 there! Thanks
  16. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi Guys, I can't believe it's that time again! - life just turns around so quickly and it's time to invite you yet again to the 'Ultimate Dubs UK 2013' -now in it's 7th year. Things are now moving with clubs, traders and show cars now booking in at an alarming rate. The show will bring...
  17. Shows, Events and Meets
    Seen as there is actually quite a lot of 32 owners in the north east of scotland, I propose we arrange a meet in the very near future as previously discussed. How about... 24th November? At a location yet to be chosen?.
1-17 of 17 Results