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  1. Performance and Technical
    Afternoon everyone, Will be picking up my r32 in a few weeks after a log wait for the new log book to finally arrive. when i first saw the car i was under the impression that Haldex should be done every 40k but have since read conflicting things saying 20k? Any one able to clarify for me...
  2. General Chat
    Hey Guys, I'm new on here. Bought a 2008 mark 5 R32 that was due for 40,000 mile service (done 38,500, but last service was a year ago). Was running absolutely fine. Took it in to Citygate, spent over 700 quid on various bits. got it back, idling used to be like the engine was off, now there...
  3. Performance and Technical
    Guys Just an open question really, my MK5 is up for its 40k service and I'm in the process of getting quotes from my local vw dealer and also a local garage (not a VW specialist, general garage). I am anticipating that the VW dealer will be more expensive but is it worth going non vw? Should...
  4. Performance and Technical
    Right all... Seen a number of threads now which state what oils that can be used, 5w-30 seems to be the most commonly used. after looking through the manual it states oil: Long Life - VW 503 00 Multigrade - VW 500 00 or VW 502 00 High lubricity - VW 501 01 My plan is to service the car every...
1-4 of 4 Results