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  1. Performance and Technical
    Probably not many of you... Have had these exhausts on previous cars and have loved both the sound and the quality so decided it's the system I want to go for on the Mk5. However, I can't decide between the straight through or silenced centre. I've watched video after video and keep changing...
  2. Sold Items
    For sale supersprint headers due to going F/I. Only used for less than 3 months. To fit VW Golf V R32, Audi TT 3,2 Quattro >2006 an A3 3,2 >2003. Manifold (LDH) cod: 765301 Dealers Price is 1256euros including VAT. Looking for 750euros plus shipping. Thanks!
  3. Performance and Technical
    Hi All, I've currently got a Mk5 R32 with a Non-Resonated Supersprint System on it with a GruppeM Induction Kit. I'm looking to De-cat it and have found the following conflicting information on part numbers...... This is by far the cheapest; (Supersprint Part Number = 765312) at £205...
  4. Photo's and Video's
    For those that wish to hear a Non Res Supersprint on a Mk5, here is my car.............. (i'm still thinking of decatting yet just to open up that V6 noise a little more) I struggled finding any decent vids on youtube for Mk5 R32's with Non Res Supersprints on them. Regards, Scott
1-4 of 5 Results