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  1. Performance and Technical
    So, got my car to the garage regarding an ongoing annoyance in the wya of a slight knocking noise coming front front right corner and a 'rubbing' noise when on full lock. Low and behold it's those good old top mounts that have gone (only the right side, but figured i'd change both) so it's...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Hi, I know many of you may have seen this problem before as I'm sure it's quite common. -I have always had a muffled ''donking'' noise when turning slowly on full lock -I now have a creaking noise when turning right mainly roundabouts I understand this may be something to do with the top...
  3. Tutorials and Guides
    After recently had an annoying knocking at low speeds coming from the front of my car, i traced it to top mounts. Most DIY guides show the strut removed to replace the top mount bearings although i have found a much easier and quick way. Tools: - VW Jack - Trolley Jack - 2 x 18mm spanners (one...
1-3 of 3 Results