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  1. Performance and Technical
    So, got my car to the garage regarding an ongoing annoyance in the wya of a slight knocking noise coming front front right corner and a 'rubbing' noise when on full lock. Low and behold it's those good old top mounts that have gone (only the right side, but figured i'd change both) so it's...
  2. Performance and Technical
    Evening guys, Tempted to upgrade my Dog bone mount, just curious if firstly it's worth while and secondly if i should do the whole thing (already with upgraded bushes) or just upgrade the bush (to poly). Planning to it my short shifter at the same time before it goes off to stealth to get...
  3. Performance and Technical
    So I'm looking at doing a chassis handling refresh as I'm not too sure of the overall condition and getting some odd feedback. My aim is to upgrade where suggested or stick to OEM where no upgrades are available. In order to get the 'like new' feel, engine mounts and dampers/springs are also...
  4. General Chat
    Good Evening people I've seen that us mk5 owners are able to fit a mk6 R exhaust onto our cars and that it has a louder throatier sound than the standard mk5 exhaust.... As I know nothing about this I'mwondering what people's thoughts were?? How easy it will be to do and if (see pic) this is...
  5. General Chat
    Ladies/Gents, My phone upgrade is due next month and wondered whether it's worth changing from orange to EE. I am currently on a £26 Panther 26 contract with orange. I get 200 mins, unlimited texts and 750mb data. This suits me down to the ground, but i do like the idea of all you can eat data...
  6. Performance and Technical
    ..... is it true on the MKV '32 you can increase power to 270bhp with a remap and a cat-back Milltek ????? if so - Any ideas on how much £££££'s that'd set you back ?? And is it worth it ?! Thanks in advance guys ..
1-6 of 6 Results