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  1. General Chat
    Looking for a good daily driver clutch? Might through a UM tune on it later but nothing crazy in the near future. If an OEM clutch is the way to go then that works. If anyone has any other good recommendations, please send my way. I am also debating on replacing the timing chain to be...
  2. Performance and Technical
    I just got this car and Im hearing a weird cabin noise. It sounds like someone tapping on something or a pump maybe? I saw that timing chains can get noisy around 90k-110k miles. I clipped the engine bay as well, it sounds good to me. Also the rate of the noise doesn't increase with acceleration...
  3. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    New owner from Bristol, Mk5 r32 grey 86000 on clock Wingbacks
  4. Performance and Technical
    Hello people, my first ever post! I have an MK5 R32 mixing coolant inside the oil-not vice versa... Any idea if there's a common issue or do I begin doing a head gasket with a new chain? Thanks!
  5. General Chat
    Hey guys, Had the car for a few weeks after purchasing second hand and everything was going great until one day I noticed a funny smell after a long drive and pulled the hood up and car was obviously very hot even though gauge was showing normal temps, the fans spun for a long time after the...
  6. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Yo forum members. I have just purchased a mk5 R32 in stunning condition. I live near the coast and I am desperate to remove the foam blocks in the front wings because the car currently has no rust. After this I am going to Armor shield the car. Does anyone have any instructions or information...
  7. Wanted
    Hi R32 Fans I am really struggling to find a good example of R32 MK5 DSG on the market at the moment... Most of them have been heavily modified or been through too many owners. I appreciate most of the owners in this forum would really look after their R32s. Therefore anyone who is...
  8. Wanted
    hi guys cant figure out how to change original wanted ad so heres a new one 8k to spend on a 3 door mk4 thanks
  9. Performance and Technical
    Hey. So I blew my ‘08 R32 transmission. I have another DSG transmission from a FWD ‘07 EOS with 39K miles on it. I’m trying to figure it if I can make it work? Any info will be amazing.
  10. General Chat
    Hi guys, Bought a 2008 mk5 r32 about 4 months ago, in the past month the car has started hunting when at idle (after starting the car and when stopped in traffic) the revs rise to 1500 and sit there for a few seconds before dropping back down and then it climbs again. Any help on what the...
  11. Sold Items
    Now Sold!!!!!! After nearly 4 years of ownership i'm reluctantly having to sell due to circumstances changing and having to buy something more fuel efficient. The car is in a rare colour of candy white which I'm led to believe only 6/7 were registered in the UK. Big spec with DSG gearbox and...
  12. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    I need to very reluctanty sell my 07 mk5 r32 ???? it has a few niggling problems nothing major where is best to do this thanks all hope your all keeping safe
  13. Vehicles for Sale
    *******SOLD******* Its with a heavy heart, I've decided to sell my MK5 R32. When I purchased this car, I was very picky as I wanted an original example that had not been modified or changed in any way, one which was well maintained by only VW through its entire life span and also one with only...
  14. Vehicles for Sale
    Im selling my 2006 Mk5 R32 golf with 94k miles on the clock and full service history from VW and german specialists only. (Recent dsg and haldex serive done) Text me 07393980423. SPECS and MODS -H&R lowering springs -SPARCO Assetto Corsa matte bronze 18 in alloys -Custom cold air intake...
  15. General Chat
    Hi All, So, long story short; my standard original clocks/instrument cluster packed up. I asked my auto electrician to try and fix them, but it didn't work. So unfortunately I'm at the stage where I'm wanting to replace the faulty clocks. Fortunately however, this encourages me to do an upgrade...
  16. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Hi all, I got myself another R32 a few weeks ago (lucky petrol is a bit cheaper at the moment!). Thought I'd show a couple of pictures and a brief description for your perusal.... The car is a black 2006 mk5 R32. 5 door (it's a family car). It's completely un-modified and has a pretty old...
  17. General Chat
    Hi All, Need some help/advice, my digital speedo on the red MFS is stuck on 2mp (and other various speeds) and some times when i reset the car it changes but i never updates as i drive. Does anyone know how to fix this, or what the problem can be? Everything else on the MFS works its just the...
  18. Members Rides
    Hi All, So I have recently bought a Blue MK5 Golf R32, and I am excited to see the progression, and thought it would be a good idea to show my progression, to hopefully inspire others into different things that can potentially be done. My Instagram is: that_mk5r32
1-20 of 500 Results