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  1. Shows, Events and Meets
    Is the club attending this show or is anyone going?
  2. Shows, Events and Meets
  3. Shows, Events and Meets
    Just had a quick hour to put all these up -
  4. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hey all, Only just had a chance to get these pictures up. Awesome day and the weather was good too!!
  5. Shows, Events and Meets
    Anybody on here goin to deva dubs this year??
  6. Shows, Events and Meets
    just noticed this appear on FB, been to this campsite loads. Its very clean, spacious and well run... Wasn't aware that they did a VW show so maybe this is something new? https://www.facebook...449375615145051
  7. Shows, Events and Meets
    Evening people Just trying to get a feeler for this show, We tend to get a great turnout which has been steadily increasing year on year, if your interested stick your name down and I will update the list, I will put ste and caroline down as they tend to go every year but as they are away they...
  8. Shows, Events and Meets
    Hi Guys, I can't believe it's that time again! - life just turns around so quickly and it's time to invite you yet again to the 'Ultimate Dubs UK 2013' -now in it's 7th year. Things are now moving with clubs, traders and show cars now booking in at an alarming rate. The show will bring...
1-8 of 8 Results