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  1. Interior and Exterior
    Hi all, Looking into some new wheels and the BBS CH are a design i have always loved. I have a mk4 DPB and looking to get them in matt black, anyone done this / got any pics? Also out of interest what does the CH number stand for? Such as 002/001/003? (naive question i know but google doesn't...
  2. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    Just seen these on fleabay.... 251984963832 In need of refurb but not too bad a price considering I saw a set on there a month or so ago for £1000
  3. Wanted
    Wanted Mk4 alloy wheels, with or without tyres, preferably decent condition. Need to replace my knackered set of aristos, one of which isnt genuine! Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Ben
  4. Wanted
    Just as the title says - 2 or 4 needed, nice and straight
  5. Sold Items
    Hi All I am selling my genuine 19" BBS CH-R Alloy Wheels that were on my MkV. Bought these brand new and they have only been run during the summer months. Spec details Width : 8.5J Diameter : 19 Inch Bolt Pattern : 5x112 Offset : 48 Colour : Silver Style : Stainless Steel Rim (Replaceable) , Y...
  6. Interior and Exterior
    What is the most common spacer size people use on mk4's Thanks
  7. For Sale
    Selling the wheels that came of my MK5. They are original volkswagen omanyt wheels made by speedline. No cracks buckles, etc. Couple marks here and there but they are pictured below. Tyres are very good Michelin pilot sport 3 all round. All tyres have approximately 6mm tread left. £650 Can...
  8. Interior and Exterior
    Hi After supidly kerbing one of my wheels twice in two weeks (the second time badly which might mean a replacement alloy!) i've decided to repaint them, and have used VW reflex silver to touch them in in the past which is a near match to the original colour. ..but does anyone know what the...
  9. Sold Items
    As it says in the heading. Must be 18's with or without tyres - may consider 19's with tyres if at a decent price! Thanks all
  10. General Chat
    Has anyone on here got Rotiform IND alloys on their Mk4 R32??? I need new wheels and like the deep concave look but i'm not sure about offsets and tyre widths. I don't like the stretched tyre look and im running H&R springs so cars is down 20-25mm, last thing i want is rubbing! Can anybody help...
  11. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    Mk4 R32 Set 4 OZ Aristo Wheels and Michelin PS3 225/40/18 Tyres http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=350937579493
  12. Sold Items
    Rotiform blq style wheels with 4 good tyres . these have come off my mk5 vw golf R32 , so fitment is 5x112 pcd . these will fit other mk5 golf's and some Audi and Volkswagen and Seat's but please check they do fit your vehicle before buying As I can not see a rotiform stamp I pretty sure these...
  13. Wanted
    On the lookout for another set of 19 inch BBS CH wheels for my MK5 R32. I had a set a while ago but circumstances kinda forced me into selling them. But now I'm back looking! Any you guys know of anything for sale?
  14. General Chat
    Im scared For a while i've been wanting to paint my wheels because when i bought them they were flaking off I got a quote from a painter and he said bring them down (today) and give him a colour code and he will get them done I struggled finding the right colour to be honest, i looked at bmw...
  15. General Chat
    Hey, 1 week old R32 owner, first post, go easy please Looking to replace my standard alloys for damage reasons, not knowing much about offsets or clearances myself I was hoping someone could help. Situation: I found out today while getting 2 bad tyres replaced that one of my alloys is cracked...
  16. For Sale
    FOR SALE I HAVE A SET OF FOUR 19x8.5 BBS RS-GT 19inch rims in brilliant silver along with decent Michelin pilot sport tyres 235/35R19 which are near as new. The alloys were previously on my R32. The alloys are in decent condition with 2 alloys with very minor scuffs. I want £2250 for them and I...
  17. For Sale
    I am new to forums so apologies if I get a few things wrong. I have an immaculate set of 18" BBS CH Black Edition for sale. They are completely unmarked having only covered about 2K miles. I have the original bill of sale from APS in Brackley and they currently stored in their original boxes at...
1-18 of 18 Results