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  1. Vehicles for Sale
    For sale, my tornado red 2008 mk 5 R32. Little bit of info on the car. Had the car for 4 years. Bought her with 46k on the clock. Has now done 56k. Had a mk4 r32 for 3 years before that. Services at: 10,512 m 16,312 m 26,493 m 35,656 m 45,638 m 53,418 m 55,012 m Was last serviced at AMD...
  2. For Sale
    removed from brand new lotus being prepped for track black/charcoal heated nappa leather set tilt + recline on double locking rails £1500 for the pair (to put that into perspective recaro currently charge about £1400 for x1 in leathette, aka fake leather) 07734nine31385 - leicester
1-2 of 2 Results