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  1. Welcome to the R32 Owners Club
    Found a pair of xenon headlights from a Mk5 jetta..Will they be a straight swap and fit to my Mk5 32 ?
  2. Car Care and Detailing
    Hi guys, Is it safe to leave the lights switched to auto?? Does it drain any battery when set to auto?. I was told to always leave on auto as so convenient but then someone said it may drain battery?. Cheers
  3. Performance and Technical
    Hello everyone I have the old style xenons with ballast in the wings. (Mk4 golf) Does anyone have a picture of how they mount? And which route the ballast wire takes to meet the headlights? Also which screws are needed to mount them up? Do they have a part number or are a specific type of...
  4. Tutorials and Guides
    I recently replaced my D2S bulbs so I thought I'd whip a quick guide. One of my headlights was replaced by the previous owner and the colours didn't match. Here's why... OEM Philips 85122+/85122. The 85122+ bulb is cooler in look. Not the end of the world but it's one of those annoying things...
  5. Performance and Technical
    Hi, my self levelling headlights are all to extreme, ones high ones low, and the motors in the headlights do work and can hear them adjusting, BUT where are the sensors? i presume theirs two? but where exactly is the rear one? i can see the one on the front left but cant quite see the rear one...
  6. Interior and Exterior
    Hi all Having a problem with one on my Mk4 R32 xenons. When I turn the headlights on it take a couple of flicks of the switch to get it to ignite, then when it is running it flickers very slightly. Is the bulb going?...the balast going? Or the igniter faulty? Are they any tests I can do? Help...
  7. Wanted
    As the title describes I'm after a Genuine VW Xenon D/S Headlight mk5.
  8. Ebay and Other Outside For Sale Links
    Read the rules please.
  9. Wanted
    Hi All I have fitted the later G2 xenons, but drivers side has a problem...after fixing the ballast cover i noticed the reflector was loose inside the housing. the internal retaining clip had broken, so i thought simple...put a grub screw in to hold it inplace..til i plugged it in and realised...
  10. Wanted
    Hi Just bought my first 2003 mk4 R32, which has had factory fitted xenons , but wiring was hacked and standard lights fitted! found a set of early pre 2003 early xenons, but missing the wing mounted ballasts...does anybody have a working pair? or does anybody have a set of post 2003 later...
  11. Wanted
    If anyone has a set as spare and wants to get rid off please let me know. I will also need the wiring if you have it. cheers
  12. Interior and Exterior
    Hey guys, Has anybody ever thought of doing a Bi-Xenon upgrade to their Mk4? Been thinking about doing it for a while now but don't have the expertise with the electrical side of things.
  13. Wanted
    I am after a set of mkV bi xenon headlights hunted everywhere phoned a few breakers etc no joy just a few companies selling aftermarket stuff no original vw ones tho Any info or suggestions appreciated
  14. Wanted
    I'm after a complete set of RHD Xenon headlights complete with igniters, ballasts, bulbs etc. Drop me a message if you have any.
  15. Wanted
    Wanted mk4 r32 NSF xenon headlight complete, pm me if you have one available. Cheers
1-15 of 15 Results