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02M Lengthened Gears

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I have followed the lengthened gear topic on VWvortex for sometime now and sat on the fence. I also priced the parts here but nothing has ever been 100% conclusive on correct part numbers.
I have a spare O2M i am gonna send to Stealth Racing to get Peloquin installed and would like to length gears too.
Have your heard or know anyone that has gone this route that might be able to help me confirm part numbers etc. ?:confused::confused::confused:

Part numbers are:-

62T ring gear O2M 409 155F

or full diff assembly O2M 409 111B or O2M 409 111L

20T final drive O2M 311 208D

16T final drive O2M 311 205D

Cheers Craig
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What has made you choose the peloquin diff? I have heard a few dodgy things about these and also heard they are dodgy on warranty.Also why do you feel you need it?
I research a bit on vortex and my tuner reccomended it for Stage 3 as OEM diffs have been know to fail at 500bhp+. Plus the pound was strong on the dollar so i got it from the states, so it cost nearly half the price of say quaife. As for warranty when you start making that kind a power how good is any warranty!
What bad things you heard?
Quaife are even more strict! I know a few turbo cars running big power and the diff's are fine. Peloquin are Quaife copies but with some improvements and materials in places. This is due to Quaife not having a patent in the States and Peloquin copying them.....
I ran a Quaife in the mk1 with 400bhp with no issues at all and am running one in my vr6 cordoba at the moment.
Had a Peloquin on my charged corrado, absolutely changed the way the car drove.
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