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08 R32 with questions.

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Hi All, I'm new here and I have some questions regarding turbos and horsepower. What's the the advantages and/or disadvantages of having a single or dual (twin) turbo system if they produce similair horsepower? Also, what determines speed, is it horsepower of torque? I know it's a combination of both but I am trying to get an idea of how many hp & torque is required to achieve 0-60 mph in 3.4 secs. Thanks All!
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If you are in a Right Hand Drive you cannot have a twin turbo because the steering (I think it is gets) in the way
Jon and Vagtech said only the RHD beetle can accommodate the Twin Turbo, So Paulie you are correct!
They don't do the Beetle with the 3.2 engine in right hand drive....The only one they do is the RSi which only came in left hand drive anyway.
Also a lot more than just horespower and torque determin the 0-60 times,gear ratio's traction and weight are major issue's
Look at thing's like Caterham's they only produce 230 bhp but do 60 iin the low 3's,but something like a Merc SL65 has over 600bhp and can only manage low 4's.:marchmellow:
Welcome to the forum mate.

Sounds like you want a serious bit of kit, hope you've got lots and lots of money!
TORQUE is a twisting force that does not require motion. In the case of vehicle engines, it is the force of combustion pressing through pistons, connecting rods, and crankshaft to turn the flywheel.

HORSEPOWER is a measure of work and power created as a marketing ploy by inventor James Watt around 1775 to promote his newfangled steam engine. Textbooks define WORK as force multiplied by distance, and POWER as work divided by time. To cut the physics lesson short, here's the math formula: engine revolutions per minute (rpm) multiplied by torque at that engine speed, divided by the constant of 5252. Or RPM x TORQUE / 5252 = HP

For vehicle engines, torque is MEASURED by a dynamometer. Horsepower is CALCULATED (often by the dynamometer's software). You can tell if your ciphering (or the dyno's software) is correct if torque equals horsepower at 5252 rpm.

For drivers, torque is FELT as punch-in-the-back acceleration, while horsepower is OBSERVED by such things as quarter-mile times or headlights disappearing in the rearview mirror.
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