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18" or 19"

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Ill make a poll so its easier, but what do you think?

The performance side of me is thinking 18" because it will be easier to get everything setup right, the bling bling side things 19" lol.

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19's look way better, But as you know 18's provide better set-up.
Got to be 18"s if your going for the ultimate set up.
How about a set of 14" Pirelli P's with yellow michelin rubber for the ultimate contrast, i've never seen this done before....


I think the hard ride on 18" is as hard as I can accept. 19" tyres are very expensive as well. I would rather stay with 18".
Id say 18's mk4 and 19's mk5.
i had this choice to make when i got my lm's. ended up going for 18's so i could get the low fat look. cant really say i did it for handling because i went for wider wheels at the back
19's for show 18's for a pro :)

get the 19's for the slower days and shove the 18s for playtime, best of both worlds
Rupo said:
Id say 18's mk4 and 19's mk5.
18's for the mk4... but at least 8.5 wide
Rupo said:
Id say 18's mk4 and 19's mk5.
think ill stick with 18's then, cheaper rubber too :D
If you're going for performance, the US guys that do a lot of autoX (or whatever its called racing against the clock round cones) fit 17s for taller sidewall which they say can generate more grip - F1 car has tiny wheels and large sidewalls. The 17s are also lighter. I'd say 17" really light wheels with very sticky cup tyres for trackdays/fast road driving, and 18s for fast road driving/touring, 19s for showing off, but I want to do that all the time!

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Dan, your 19"s look huge. Almost like the're too big for the arches :D

Definately got the "show" look!
Weird because they don't look too big in person. They're definitely show wheels as they weigh as much as the Aristos!
Those 19" CH's look too good :cool: And if you put on 35 profile tyres on, you aren't going to be increasing the rolling radius by anything too drastic.
Has anyone done 20's? I'm thinking strongly about it
*cough* Think Strongly again :p

Nahh, it can be done - but like said above, show only really. Would be a bit of a dog to drive it quickly around twisties + the handling is 'numb' enough on a standard R32 (especially the mk4) with normal wheels and suspension, would have to do a bit of work to get it to feel ok with 20s.

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