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1997 Mazda RX7 FD3s Efini Type RS - £7,500 ono

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Selling for a friend again:

Mazda RX7 FD3s Efini Type RS
Registered as 1.3 (cheap road TAX)
320bhp (with printout from WGT motorsport garage)
Clifford Concept 650 G5 (Cat 1 alarm)
12 month MOT
65000 miles​

Standard specification;

The 1997 type RS (import) model comes with;
  • 16bit ECU so it could run more boost giving it 10bhp more (265bhp)
  • Hard "Y" pipe all change to alloy
  • 99 spec rear lights (round lights)
  • Green dash illumintion
  • Bigger brakes
  • Harder type torsion LSD with 4.3 final drive
  • Harder shocks
  • 4 seats
  • Alloy spare wheel
  • 17" alloy wheels
The list of mod's this car has had fitted;-
  • 18" alloys with near new Toyo proxes t1-s tyres (225/40/18)
  • Apexi Power FC ECU + Hand commander (WGT fitted and set up)
  • HKS mushroom filters
  • HKS 3" down pipe (WGT fitted)
  • Dragon 3" mid pipe (WGT fitted)
  • Jasma Gravity 3" back box (Not loud, Sounds just right)
  • XS POWER intercooler (SMIC) with custom ducting
  • Uprated fuel pump (WGT supplied and fitted)
  • 850cc injectors X4 (WGT fitted)
  • Alloy Air Seperation Tank (WGT supplied and fitted)
  • Race spark plugs (WGT supplied and fitted)
  • Blitz blow off valve
  • Polyurethane engine mounts
  • Engine damper

More pics to come.

I have a folder full of invoices and receipts plus paper work on the car. All the tuning and set up plus alot of work, was done by the RX7 GOD... Pip at WGT (http://www.wgtautodevelopments.co.uk) with a result of 320BHP !!

For more specific photos, detailed specification information or just a chat about the car, call me (Leighton) on 07793324641 or Email [email protected]
I'm in the Blackpool area (Lancashire, post code FY5)

£7500 ono

This is a fast, fun car and I'm going to be very sorry to see her go. Genuine reason for sale (First property deposit) No test pilots, tyre kickers and time wasters please.


Leighton :(
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Hi, leighton has it had a engine rebuild yet? I know these cars are due a rebuild at around 60k.
VdubboyU said:
Hi, leighton has it had a engine rebuild yet? I know these cars are due a rebuild at around 60k.
Best option would be to give him a ring for full details, but from memory (I've known and helped out with the car for over a year) there is no history of a rebuild but the engine has had regular compression and water leakdown tests with spot on results every time, Leighton has also said that he would get one done again at WGT prior to sale to put the new owners mind at rest. Like I say though, best to give him a ring rather than go through me.

It's a bit of a myth the old 60k rebuild, it tends to be the ones that have not been left to warm-up and cool-down properly by previous owners that tend to fail. If you can find a well looked after example, usually from an owners club, then they should be as reliable as a conventional piston engine. You have to look hard for a mint one though, it took us about 4months to find this one for Leighton, ended up getting this one off a bloke who had two, I think he sold this one to fund the tripple rotar and single turbo conversion on his other one, god only knows that that one would be pushing out! :D

Very Cherry said:
320 bhp out of a 1.3 :D love it, nice wheels too
I said that too but he never liked them, He used to have some deep split-rims on it that made it look like a drift car but when it came round to putting tyres on them he found a set of RX8 wheels and good tyres on the RX Owners Club for cheaper so went for them. I think it makes the car look alot more modern :D
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