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Hi all

Decided to remove my coil packs today to get at the spark plugs, mine is a 2003 which iv had from new with around 24k on the clock. Its never had its plugs changed as there due @ 40k but its worked hard in that time on track days and at the ring ;)

Getting the coil packs out wasn't easy as they have been in there 4 years now un touched, there was quite a lot of sand and grit wedging them in which I managed top remove with the Dyson before finaly taking the spark plugs out.

On to my main point, the last time I managed to run vagcom on the car I was getting miss fires logged but I cant remember exactly which cylinder ect my old cable has died on me and im awaiting the arrival of my new genuine one from the Mkiv forums group buy.

Are the coil packs that came with the car still the current ones in use, or has there been any upgrades from VW ?

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