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2006 R32 OE bottle opener - which one?

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I seem to be missing the OEM bottle opener in the front drinks cubby. I note two different types on e-bay; one is ss and the other is ss with a black rubber protector around it. Would anyone know which is the correct one and how much do they retail from VW?

Thanks in anticipation :)
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Mine was missing too(2006 R32) its the one with the black rubber cover, mine was £9 inc postage via ebay :)
Same here, thanks...off he pops to a new window leading to e-bay.....
....and Buys it Now for £5.45 including P&P...very pleased :)
....and opens this morning's mail and fits said bottle opener.......very pleased indeed
thread from the dead!

anyone know which is the correct one for a 07 R32? (black or stainless)

As im finding my way round the car i noticed im also missing mine..

i found these two, just want to pick the right one...


VW GOLF MK5 GT GTI R32 GENUINE BOTTLE OPENER NEW on eBay (end time 13-Jan-11 21:12:07 GMT)

VW Bottle opener STAINLESS STEEL. Golf GTI , R32 etc. on eBay (end time 16-Jan-11 09:27:34 GMT)
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I think the earlier mkV's had the stainless steel ones and the newer mkV's had the black ones.
Mine is a 2006 and it came with the stainless one
cheers guys, ive put a bid on the stainless one :top:
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