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2007/07 Clio 197 F1 Liquid Yellow

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Hiya everyone

just thought give the site a go , see if any interest

2007/07 clio 197 f1 in liquid yellow, best colour
13k miles
mint condition
1 owner car
all docs and keys
6 months tax
unmarked alloys and excellent tyres all round

£12450 ono, would take cheaper part ex if need be

thanks 07525866486

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Damn these things drop in price so fast!

Love it though, especially the colour!

Your not a member on cliosport.net are you? I'm "DazG" on there :hello:
hiya mate, yeha im on clio sport

priced it as the cheapest f1 in the uk by £500

so im hoping its going to entice someone haha
Nice car. I want my bro to get one of these ;-)

What's it like to own?
very nice, great car for country lanes, and as long as there drove sensible most of them time , they return good mpg

for what your getting and excitement to drive, its a very cheap car really
il put some better pics up tommorrow on me day off

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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