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Hello all, new member and first time R32 owner, having lusted after one for a considerable amount of time.


Previously I was heavily into the VAG scene for years, particularly MK1 & 2 Golfs, owning a very nice Golf Rallye at one point before the prices sky rocketed. Other cars included Z4 3.0, S4 Avant (the V8) & an E46 M3. More recently I have taken a huge shine to the Audi A2, from an engineering point of view it's a very interesting little car and what was my daily will now become a garage queen while I work to make it a concours example.


I know what you're thinking... this is a little backwards. Spending upwards of 60 hours in a car each month commuting etc I've decided I'd really like to enjoy the time I spend in the car and so far I feel like the R32 is perfect for these needs. I still intend to use the A2 a bit when the weather allows, to help spread the mileage around a bit.

So, onto the car:



Deep Pearl Blue (It's the colour I think of when I imagine a R32)


5 door (I'm getting old, it's just more practical!)

Wingback Recaro seats (Heated)



Rear PDC

Folding mirrors

Auto lights etc

It is only missing one crucial ingredient for me, Cruise Control. More on that in a minute.

Initially I've not done much, a bit of a clean, exhaust tips and engine bay needed a bit of attention to bring them up to scratch, although I tend to do a bit more on the detailing side since I like my cars clean and well presented.




After, not perfect but a good deal better





I've also retrofitted Cruise Control, although it is yet to be enabled via VCDS, I'm just awaiting a neighbor of mine to borrow a friends laptop to sort the coding. The whole fitting process was made very easy by following this video:

Next plans are ordering a few more detailing supplies, including a pressure washer so I can start the full detailing process then it will be onto retro-fitting Bluetooth to the RNS510, a wheel refurb and new center caps so they're looking perfect. After that, I'm starting to seriously consider a Miltek/Lucifer exhaust to let the R32 sing a bit more with a Forge/GruppeM intake to compliment it. i'm not 100% on this yet as I do like my cars stock/OEM+ so the MK6 reversing camera has also piqued my interest...

If you've read this far well done

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Welcome to the forum.
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Thanks for the warm welcome so far

While browsing the DVLA number plate site I found a plate I liked, so I purchased it. Just awaiting the paperwork before I can pop it on the car.


I have also bought a whole host of detailing equipment, pressure washer, snow foam lance etc etc which all being well with the weather tomorrow I'll be giving a thorough clean, get rid of the Sahara that's parked itself on my car
along with a few new shots to show it off

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Thanks Andy, I'm hoping I can get it looking as clean as yours in the near future :)

Thank you for the Bluetooth link, is that the unit that will also do A2DP streaming from a phone? I'm a little confused with the modules available as ideally I'd like that feature and linking with the dash display.

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Thanks again Andy, both are bookmarked for the (near) future

So, today's day of detailing got off to a rocky start when the brand new pressure washer (Nilfisk C120) died after all of 10 seconds use! I thought it might just be a fuse but alas it was most definitely done. Good old Amazon Prime though, the replacement is coming tomorrow and I have 30 days to return the broken one, at no cost to me.

Luckily, the Hozelock hose I had bought had a twist grip hose adapter so all was not lost and I could still crack on, just minus covering the drive/house/car in snow foam!

Bilt Hamber wheel cleaner - you can see the chemical reaction with the crud that's on your wheels and it really shifted some well set in grime in the barrels.

Full 2 bucket wash, dry, followed by Bilt Hamber clay.

Sonax spray wax - to save a little time today, I'll do a full polish/wax another day.

Meguiars Endurance tyre gel - amazing stuff

Aerospace 303 on all black trims, including the engine bay, after agitating with Meguiars APC.

No pics during, but took a couple afterwards






The exhaust still needs more work...


The wheels are not quite as good as they appear in these images, and the refurb has moved up my list of priorities.




After I've got some polish and wax on properly, the interior & leather is getting the same attention.




As satisfying as it is to give the car it's first good clean, it's bitter sweet as you also find every mark, paint chip and bit you're not happy with! The wheels, in particular the barrels really let the rims/car down.

Apologies for the picture dump, I hope like me you enjoy then :)

Next will be coding the Cruise Stalk I fitted in the coming few days & probably a tad more cleaning!

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Big clean, same process as last time except a full polish with Auto Glym Super Resin Polish topped with Collinite 915 wax, Auto Glym Fast Glass and just to try out a new product topped it all with some Meguiar's Ceramix Hybrid Wax.

While the cleaning was taking place I updated the RNS 510 firmware and maps to the latest version


Got hold of a cabin filter and aircon bomb to get rid of that aircon smell you get when switching it on, no pictures of this but a very quick filter to change and the difference is instantly noticeable.

Also set to work tackling the shiny topped steering wheel


With these


After a good clean I'm on the second conditioner coating, one more to do tomorrow (the bottle recommends 3 in 48 hours) it takes hours to soak in but the difference is noticeable already. Seats will be treated the same way in due course.

Next on the cards is definitely a wheel refurbishment, they're a real bug bear at the minute. I'm hoping to get the car on axle stands while they're being done to do some proper arch detailing and possibly touch up the caliper paint if it needs it.

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Not posted in a while but I've been resisting any modifications and just continuing with the cleaning so far, which is somewhat of a passion/obsession this time of year!

Here it is post full winter waxing with Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax. Really good for the money and a little easier to apply and remove than something a little more high end like Collinite. I fancy purchasing and trying something from Zymol this year.


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Long time no post, plenty has been happening.


After much discussion here about the correct part number for OEM Sachs shocks I had new front & rear OEM shocks fitted with H&R lowering springs. At the same time I had quite a few other bits taken care of and a very comprehensive service:

New drop links


Top Mounts

Lower Arms

Bump tops

Dust covers




Haldex Oil

All Filters

New spark plugs

A slight play in the steering rack was identified & post lock down I'll be investigating replacement/refurbishment. I believe this was quite a common thing with MK5's?

Recently I ceramic coated the car with Gyeon CanCoat (2 coats) a great product and in my never ending saga of adding more detailing products to the collection I bought 'High Gloss' from Polish Angel (£45 for 200ml!) as it gets such rave reviews on detailing world. Designed to be a coating topper it has a high titanium content and really helps boost the gloss and flake in the metal. I am very happy with the results, I've never seen the gloss and metal flake pop so much.



Beading is pretty tight too


I'm a key worker (Emergency Services) so I still commute to work but on my down time I'm enjoying spending a bit more quality time cleaning the car while waiting for the world to return to normality.

This bank holiday weekend, I split the grills from my front bumper, APC cleaned everything, dressed all plastics with CarPro Perl, used some Autosol metal polish where a little oxidization was creeping in by the side grills on the chrome section. All chrome badges etc were polished and the grill was coated with Cancoat. The painted bodywork berhind the bumper was APC'd, polished, IPA'd and ceramic coated.






The side grills are two part, I split them, APC'd and coated all over with CarPro Perl.


Coated left, uncoated right.


Grill ready to fit




I then removed the tatty sound deadening from under the bonnet, cleaned the area, IPA'd and applied two layers of ceramic coating followed by a coat of High Gloss. Very impressed with hte results, I wish I had done it ages ago!


If the world wasn't in lock down I would have been having the wheels refurbished at the minute, OEM, including the diamond cut edge and looking at refreshing the standard brakes. As my plans have changed a little I'm now looking into Porsche 18z calipers & associated parts to compliment. Either way, brakes and wheels are next (along with the steering rack) then probably some paint late in the year.

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Thanks :)

The first lot were with a DSLR with a relatively cheap Sigma 70-200, everything else was with a good old camera phone!

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Not much by way of an update but I just changed the front and rear wiper blades for new Bosch items. Ordered from wiperblades.co.uk and the arrived in 2 days, £26 delivered I think for front and rear.

I'm itching to get the wheels refurbished and since reading ILLEGALR32's write up on rebuilding his calipers I would love to do something similar to mine and have them powder coated in the OEM colour.
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