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Hello all,

I'm hoping someone here can help me diagnose and fix an issue I'm having with the driver's side head lights on my vehicle. I've spent some time on my own attempting to fix them but am now under pressure from my boss (read "wife") to stop spending time on the car and start helping with the three little monsters we've got running around exploring (read "causing havoc").

Upon diving into it I found that the control module - housed under the headlight assembly - was at fault - at least partially. Upon replacing it, the head light started working BUT it always stayed on. The only way I could turn it off was to pull the fuse. This leads me to believe that the issue has to do with a relay or perhaps a switch associated with the parking break. I'm less confident of the latter. But am unable to find any wiring diagrams that I wouldn't have to pay (too much) for to figure which relay to go after - I think it's under the dash.

Other information
  • I have replaced the headlight switch
  • I have tested the ignitor by moving it from HID to HID - it works.
  • (Prior to the event(s) below) I also plugged the passenger side head light assembly in the driver side harness to find the same - light always on problem - which leads me to believe the issue is outside of the headlight assembly.
The following may indicate a new problem:
Given that I had a temporary solution - just take the fuse out whenever I left the car - (and the converse when I wanted to drive it) I started doing just that - but then on a trip out of town I left the car at the airport and being in a hurry, I forgot to remove the fuse. On the way back into town I remembered that I had forgotten that important step and knew then that I wouldn't be able to start the car upon returning. I had my boss (read the same way as above) meet me at the car to jump start it - which worked - BUT after, even with the fuse in place, the headlight didn't work anymore. Upon troubleshooting again, I found the control module at fault (switching control modules from assembly to assembly lead me to the same conclusion). Now I have a replacement control module in - but I'm still in the take fuse out - replace fuse scenario when leaving and driving respectively.

Any ideas?
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